Saturday, September 14, 2019

Season starts TODAY!!

You should have received emails with team assignments. If for some reason you did not, please email me. I will also be at the field tomorrow to direct any players to the right location. 

Please report to your practice field location to start the session tomorrow 9/14 at 9am at Amerige Field. You will meet your coaches and get your uniforms.

If for any reason there’s is a cancellation in the future, you would hear it from myself directly through email and on this blog.

Also, please note parking restrictions are strictly enforced at Amerige Park. Parking is allowed on the Fellsway side of the park only. Parking onHighland Ave and  Savin St is allowed only on the side opposite the park. Please respect the restrictions and the residents.  The same holds true for leaving the field as we find it.

Our main goal is to provide every child with a fun and friendly opportunitiy to learn to play soccer. Our league is run entirely by Volunteers, from our Board straight through to our coaches. It is because of the volunteers that we are able to provide these opportunities to our players. There is always room for more volunteers so if you are interested, please contact me or reach out to your coaches directly. 

Below you will find the Practice Field locations. Please report to this field at the start of every session.

Brooke Little
U5 Director
Malden Youth Soccer Association

U5 Practice Field Assignments

Field 1 is the Field on the Fellsway side of the park.
Field 2 is on the Highland Ave side of the park.

Each field will be broken into thirds (a,b,and c)
-a will be the section closest to the basketball court/playground/hill
-b will be the middle section of each field
-c will be the end of each field closest to Savin St

Red Foxes

Blue Jays

Purple Heroes

Orange Tigers

Yellow Canaries

Black Cats

Skills Focus

Weeks 1-3 Ball Control and Dribbling
-Get as many touches on the ball as possible
-keep the ball close to your feet
-changing direction
-protecting/ shielding the ball

Weeks 3-6 Passing and Trapping
Work on strength and directionality
-close vs far passing
-pointing hips at the target
- using instep and/or laces

Weeks 7-8 Offense/Defense

Game Schedule
Home team is the team with the *.. Visiting team starts with the ball at kick off.
Coaches are encouraged to work together to decide how many players per side based on their #s but games of more than 7 a side are not recommended.

Week 1
* Red vs Blue on 2a
*Black vs Purple on 1c
*Orange vs Yellow on 1a

Week 2
*Blue vs Black on 2b
*Purple vs Orange on 2c
*Yellow vs Red on 1b

Week 3
*Orange vs Blue on 1a
*Black vs Yellow on 1c
*Red vs Purple on 2a

Week 4
*Purple vs Black on 2c
*Yellow vs Blue on 1b
*Red vs Orange on 2a

Week 5
*Blue vs Purple on 2b
*Orange vs Black on 1a
*Yellow vs Red on 1c

Week 6
*Blue vs Red on 2B
*Purple vs Orange on 2c
*Black vs Yellow on 1c

Week 7
*Red vs Purple on 2a
*Yellow vs Orange on 1b
*Black vs Blue On 1c

Week 8
*Purple vs Yellow  on 2c
*Blue vs Orange on 2b
*Black vs Red  on 1c